I have exciting news! I FOUND THE CANDLE REMOTE. This is me shouting from the rooftops and it was in the weirdest of places - the battery box. Why I placed it there is beyond my comprehension and just so you know, I've been in that box many times since moving but haven't looked at what was in there. We both were really excited because now we are officially unpacked. 

My husband unpacked the garage and did another cardboard box recycling run. All of our spaces look put together now. Storage space remains tight in this older home but I'm so glad we did the major decluttering before the move because we would not be unpacked like we are now.

My husband and I went on an outing to the south part of Pittsburgh to a new to him record store. I tried to be patient in there but ended up popping into the adjacent stationery store. After a yarn store, I do love to look at paper. We had lunch at a pizza shop then headed back home. The outing was fun but the high heat and humidity were not. I am so looking forward to fall.

Poor Frodo continues to have trouble with thunderstorms so a few days ago I put on his snug harness and leash and it seemed to help him a bit more than usual (I know there is a thunder shirt for dogs but if the harness works then that is good!). As long as this comforts him I'm willing to help him out.

I've found my reading mojo this past week, enjoying my library books and my owned books. I'm hoping that my knitting mojo resumes as well. I knit every day as you know but my fervor is missing still. I have been going with the feelings knowing that I am still adjusting from the move and it's only a matter of time that I will be knitting more each day. I also know that autumn will help with the knitting bug!

I hope you have a lovely weekend. Thank you for reading and visiting this space, I read all your comments and visit you if you have a blog attached to your profile. Thank you to all the silent readers, I used to be a silent reader when I first started to read blogs.


  1. Hurrah for finding lost things and being UNPACKED!! Yay!! It looks like you had a lovely Pittsburgh trip! Have a great weekend!

  2. Hooray for finding the remote and being officially unpacked! I'm feeling the same way about knitting, but I do think that if we ever get rid of the heat and humidity I will enjoy it much more. And maybe there won't be as many thunderstorms and Frodo will be happier, too!

  3. Glad you are all settled into the house. It takes awhile to settle into a new town. Even though I grew up where we live now, it still felt strange for a long, long time.

    Poor Frodo. Glad the harness helps.

    P.S. I have a new blog address:

  4. Yay for found objects and empty cardboard boxes! Fletch and I used to go to a fun record store in Pittsburgh when Colin lived there. It sounds like you had a fun day! Glad you are settling in and hopefully the harness will continue to work for Frodo.

  5. Those record holders bring back long buried memories. I have never seen a square one before. Very cool. I am amazed how vinyl has become a hot commodity again. Our16 yr old grand daughter lives vinyl and informed us "Frank Sinatra should only be listened to on vinyl". What does a 16 yr old know of Frank Sinatra? But she has his greatest hits albumn. Stationary stores are so wonderful. But finding a true Stationary store is so hard. The ones by me are all office big box stores. I would love to go to a Stationary store to feel the different paper types for writing letters. Ah yes, I am old. Poor Frodo. Thunderstorms are a very scary thing for some animals. Your vet can give you some medication to help with the trauma. I just hold mine and cuddle with them until it passes.

  6. Your outing sounds like fun, it is great to explore new places. Your mojo will return, the move, heat and humidity don't help. Stay safe.

  7. May the noises 1essen around your pup. You are good to try and use a thunder shirt of sorts!
    I thought your husband was 1ooking through his new a1bums at your home and I thought WOW. That's a 1ot of a1bums!

  8. Yay for finding what you've been looking for. What kind of records does your husband search for? My mama has many a Motown one and special ones framed and hung up.

  9. Hope Frodo gets used to the storms! We have a thunder shirt for our Shih Tzu - as he's gotten older he seems to like storms less so the thunder shirt is good for him, but as you said if you have something that works definitely keep using that! :)

    Hope you have a good weekend ahead of you! Fun one here, a birthday party to go to each day!

    Away From The Blue

  10. Moves are good and bad. We gave away and recycled before our last major more and then when we got here we made multiple trips to Goodwill and the recycle center and the dump. Oh my, what you can collect when you aren't looking. Glad you're getting sorted out.

  11. Yes, moving and downsizing means lost items. There are many things that just never made it up here when we left Arizona. I am glad you finally found what you were looking for. Also glad that you are getting back into reading. I am sure that knitting with follow soon. Sounds like you are getting settled in and enjoying the new area. Sorry about the heat and humidity there. We are still dealing with smoke from California wildfires. Hope you have a good and relaxing weekend. See you again soon! :-)

  12. How did I miss that you moved to Pittsburgh??? I lived there in 1984-5 and just loved it. Of course, it's changed a lot since then. I used to love the old J&L plant that hunkered along the river; such a testament to bygone times. I've heard it's been turned into a shopping area, or something like that. We lived in Shadyside just when it was beginning to turn around. I'm sure it is still a wonderful city!

  13. Hurray for finding the lost thing and double hurray for being unpacked. That must feel good. I'm with you, anxious for fall. I'm curious what you found at the stationery store. Yarn shops, bookstores, and shops that sell paper and pens are my favorite - although I don't think there is a stationery store in the Lincoln/Omaha area.

  14. Hurray for finding the lost remote! We moved 2 years ago and still have boxes that are unpacked....I hate to dust, so those unpacked boxes may remain packed boxes. I too, love a good stationary store, I can be hopeless in them.


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