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I have three projects going at the same time and I am mostly working on the baby blanket which for me is addictive to keep adding repeats.

The poncho for my daughter in law is coming along, I give this project at least one hour of knitting time a day. 

This shawl have been on the needles forever, well it feels like forever. I give this project about an hour every day as well. I love how it's turning out!

What are you working on this week?


  1. I'm glad you are back to having time for knitting, especially because you are working on projects for yourself and others!

  2. All lovely projects! I'm working on socks (of course) and I realize that I am not really good at having multiple projects going. I work on socks and ignore everything else. Once I finish the current pair of socks I'm going to make myself work on something else! LOL

  3. Lovely projects, I knitted my DIL the poncho several years ago and she loved it. Glad you have your afternoons back for your knitting time.

  4. Working on a shawl for my daughter. I normally have several projects going but right now only 2 and only working on 1. The color of your baby blanket is so cheerful. The texture on it makes it looks so cozy and cuddly.

  5. Lovely knitting! (and I admire your time counts!) I am on Sleeve Island, but shortly I am going to swatch for a new sweater! Wooo!

  6. Such peaceful beautiful knitting Karen. It sounds as if you have some knitting time available. Let's see, I'm working on a slipper, a cardi for my granddaughter, and a swatch for a sweater.

  7. That baby blanket is so, so sweet!

    No knitting going on here right now. :-/ Hope to get back to it right soon.

  8. I did some knitting last week two days in a two but had to stop as the tension was affecting my tendonitis again. I did start my PT exercises again so hopefully my elbows and wrists will strengthen up.

  9. Have fun with your three projects, its exciting to get some knitting time in.


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