Our daughter and son in law came for a weekend visit and we had a great time. Boy was it busy! We drove to the south of Pittsburgh to go to an art store and a book/greeting card store on Saturday afternoon. Then we drove all the way back up north to another town to toodle about - that's were they grabbed some coffee and croissants (I had iced green tea).

In the evening we had my sister, brother in law and aunt over for a family dinner. I keep forgetting how much work is involved with hosting - and navigating the small kitchen, but I was successful at both. The key is to keep cleaning as you go.

Yesterday was saying goodbye to them and putting the house back together again. I was thrilled to finish all the laundry by dinner time and the best part is we have tons of leftovers so I did not have to cook.

Thanks for all the comments about how you drink your tea/coffee and your morning habits. I have done the 'tea in the morning' for about four days and I'm going back to coffee. I would rather be jittery than slightly nauseous which I usually am...sigh. I think I will mix my own caffeinated and decaf coffee and tip it towards decaf and that will easy the jitters. I find it weird that I love tea in the evenings but I prefer coffee in the mornings.

How was your weekend?


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed a lovely weekend with your daughter and SiL, and hope you enjoy a quiet week ahead (hopefully without jitters or nausea)!

  2. What a fun (but full!!) weekend! I would love to know what art store you visited!

  3. How wonderful to sound time with family but hosting is a lot of work. I’m also learning to navigate a smaller kitchen.I’m not sure I can adjust so I’m hoping to have a remodel at some point. We can’t make it bigger but it could be more functional.

  4. Sounds like a lovely family weekend Karen willed with all good things - family (first), art stores, etc. You and I are alike - I enjoy tea late in the day or evenings, but it does make me sick to my stomach in the morning. I bet you'll be fine if you mix your regular coffee with a bit of decaf. hope that works for you!

  5. Somedays I rea11y want a dog. Then I watch training videos and I have no time for it. I know you have to be high energy with training to be fun for the dog. Im too pooped!! I once taught Miss Pie to jump through a hoop. Rea11y I did.

  6. I love your quote at the end. So true. Sometimes our thoughts can really lead us astray. So glad you could get together with your family. Have a good week.

  7. Oh lovely having family visits!!! You are learning how to navigate your new home, wonderful ❤

  8. Family visits are wonderful and I'm so glad you're enjoying more of them. Your new backyard looks totally delightful!

  9. family visits are fun - we spent time with family friends celebrating our god daughter's 7th birthday on the farm that they live on. it was lovely getting out into the fresh spring air and spending time away with them for the day.

  10. Hi Karen,
    ...that sounds like a perfect family weekend!
    ~Have a lovely day!

  11. Hosting is a lot of work. I envy those who enjoy and pull off entertaining with ease. I'm sure spending time with your family was worth the work. We had a great weekend with my daughter and family. Now we are home, catching up with everything and that is nice too.


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