Good morning! How was your weekend? Mine was full - but a good kind of full if you know what I mean. The photo above was a beautiful sunrise in my backyard.  Saturday, we stayed home and I worked on my Christmas junk journal and knitted on the possibly last Christmas project (there might be one more...). I had fun dabbling in some watercolors and sketching as well.

Sunday was a full day of chores. Lots of laundry and house cleaning and in between those tasks I was reading and again sketching. I get so excited to do all the things and then I wonder if I am spreading myself too thin doing all the things! Sadly on Sunday I had to give my aching hands a rest so I did not knit one single stitch. I managed to write out Christmas cards and alerted the receivers to our new address. Do you write holiday cards? I'm toying with quitting the tradition but then again, I like getting them in the mail. I don't have many to send out maybe 22 cards? The list dwindles every single year.

The photo below is the baby sampler project for the grand baby-to-be that I started over a week ago but haven't picked it up since. I need to squeeze in one hour a day and do some stitching. Isn't it cute? 

How was your weekend?


  1. The baby sampler will be adorable. Our weekend was full of Christmasy stuff, which I love.

  2. Oh, the baby sampler is adorable! :)

  3. Your weekend sounds like the best combination of fun and productivity. It's always nice to start the week with the laundry done and the house clean. That leaves more time for knitting and stitching!

  4. Such a cute baby sampler. It will be a treasure for the wee one. I hope your hands feel better quickly. Have you tried compression gloves? I have to wear one for my right wrist which is where my RA is active right now. It makes it so I can knit more than 1 row. I also have switched to Portuguese knitting for the moment. Sounds like your weekend was full of good things as well it should be. And yes, we sent cards out this year. It was the first time in almost 10 years.

  5. I think the samp1er is rea11y cute. I spent a 1ot of time knitting and sitting. I need the reset . I have made a decision to knit on1y for charity unti1 Christmas at 1east.

  6. The baby sampler is adorable!! And a pretty sunrise picture too. My son has been texting me sunrise pictures from his early morning walks. So pretty. I had hoped to do some knitting today, but work is busy...interfering with what i WANT to do! LOL

  7. What a cute baby sampler. I'm considering the idea of stitching 30 minutes in the morning. I tend to pick up my knitting because it doesn't take any "set up". But, my poor sampler is languishing and I really do love stitching on it. You just wouldn't know it by the number of times I pick up my knitting first.

    Holiday cards . . . boy is THAT a love/hate relationship. I do like getting cards, but the expense is getting to be a bit much. I will probably drastically cut back next year. I think cards may be another victim of the pandemic and rising costs for everything. That and ...........last year I got Bridget's card in mid-February. It was postmarked Dec. 5 and she lives nearby. Go figure.

  8. oh that sampler is SO CUTE! I'm hoping to get into a daily stitching habit, but so far, I seem to do it in two-hour bursts, and then I'm tired of it ... the key, I know, is to limit my time to 30 or so minutes. I keep trying!

  9. The sampler is darling. Often when I work a bit on a project every day (like the little quilt I finally finished), the project grows on me and I find I look forward to it. We decorated over the weekend, went to church - in person! - on Sunday. I enjoy sending cards so I will probably continue until I don't enjoy it.


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