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Around here I've been watching Spring do its thing. The trees are super leafy green, my walks are intoxicating with beauty. All those pesky rainy days seemed to have rewarded us with sunny pleasant weather. More rain is coming but I'm ignoring that for now.

This week I witnessed my first hummingbird of the year at the feeder. So sweet! 

Around here, my husband and I have been enjoying seeing what blossoms on this property. Mystery flowers and sometimes plants we are familiar with from our old house. I sometimes still miss living in a rural area but I'm slowly getting used to living outside of a big city. 

Around here my creativity is overflowing with many ideas. I can't keep up with them all so I jot them down so I don't forget them. Maybe I need to start a nature journal? Do you have one? 

Around here I am enjoying all of my knitting projects.  


  1. That yarn is lovely and I wonder what it will become. Enjoy spring; it feels like we've waited a long time for it this year!

  2. That cake looks delicious ! Although I don't really enjoy getting soaked, I mostly like rain in spring, it always makes everything look even greener, and afterwards it alwasy smells so good.. !

  3. Such pretty yarn! What are you going to make with it? We excel at rain around here... Is that flower in the basket a begonia? I've never seen one that huge.

  4. While I am a fall lover through and through, these beautiful spring days are glorious! Enjoy!

  5. Like so many others, Fall is my favorite season, but this year (despite the roller coaster and wet weather), Spring has been a delight! Lovely yarn - I'm guessing maybe a shawl??

  6. That yarn is really pretty. I like the Around Here prompt too

  7. Lovely post, like I was sat on the sofa with you and a cup of tea and our knitting chatting about what we have been up to. Loving the signs of spring here too.

  8. Oh my Nan used to do this, a nature journal type book. She may stick in some wild flowers and write a little, or stick in some sheep wool that she'd washed. Then another below of some wool that she'd washed, spun and knitted. She gave it to me but sadly I never kept it or carried it on. A lovely idea though.

  9. Ooh, I like the colors in your yarn!


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