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The last day of September! This month went fast for me and with the fastness came lovely cooler weather that seems to be endless in the forecast every morning when I check on it. My husband is sad that summer is over and keeps hoping for a mini heat wave, not me at all. Being cold is where I want to be!

I've been furiously knitting Christmas presents that I will share next week with you in detail. On a whim I cast on something for myself but now I'm rethinking the yarn and the colors I chose for the project. So until I figure out exactly what I am doing that little project is on a temporary hold.

I've been sketching daily, well I'm trying to sketch daily. I feel rusty and the only way to 'unrust' my skills is to practice every single day. I have all the pencils right by my side along with my sketchbook so there's no excuse for me.

Frodo and I have been thoroughly enjoying our daily walks in the neighborhood. Each time I'm outside I make a mental note of the changing leaves. I'm excited for October and have lofty goals of finishing my holiday knitting by the end of is doable but maybe a little too ambitious. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Enjoy the fall weather! I see that some of your leaves are changing and it will surely be beautiful when they do.

  2. I am LOVING the cooler weather. I haven't seen too much change in the trees yet. But I keep looking!

  3. Wow, you're early with your holiday knitting! I'm thinking about it, but haven't started anything yet.
    Your sketching and water coloring is always so inspirational to me, but I still haven't found the courage to start.

  4. I'm impressed with your holiday knitting accomplishments. I haven't even thought about it yet. Actually, I'll probably be giving store bought stuff this year because I signed up to be a vendor at a few too many craft shows and I'm in total panic mode now.

  5. Wow, you are doing well to have your Christmas presents started. Good for you. I am also loving the cooler weather and beautiful fall colors. I love your sketching. I hope you have a good weekend.

  6. You are doing so well with your holiday knitting. Usually I have most of mine done by now. Not doing as much this year. Your notes make me like fall better. LOL. Can't wait to see your knitting.

  7. The trees are beginning to turn here too. The mornings are gloriously cool. The best season of all has arrived. I look forward to seeing more sketching.

  8. I am excited for October and “sweatah weathah!” Oddly, it has been unseasonably warm and dry in my part of the world, but I’m hoping that will shift soon!

  9. Christmas that feels like a distant thing but I know that I am fooling only myself on that one, it is just round the corner. The year is whizzing by, it will be here tomorrow. Enjoy the cooler temperatures ;)


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