How was your weekend?

My weekend was blessedly calm and somewhat productive. I've been working on the grandson's first Christmas cross stitch ornament a little bit each day. I can see it so that makes the stitching all the more enjoyable. (14 count!) I also did the laundry and cleaning for the week.

Fall is creeping in slowly, the leaves are changing, the days are shorter. I had my first cup of hot green tea in the afternoon yesterday. I'll be surprised if it gets super hot again, but then you never know with the weather.

Frodo and Holly have been at it after weeks of keeping their distance from each other. Holly found a new snuggly sleeping place in the family room and Frodo found her. There was a ton of hissing and barking. I thought after that encounter Holly would be tired of Frodo and just stay out of the family room.

No such luck!! The next two photos are Holly slinking in and staring at a sleeping Frodo! Then she decided to perch on the window sill and watch the chipmunks in the yard. So BOLD and BRAVE. I love her 'worry' eyes.

We had dinner and my sister and brother in law's house on Friday night. After the meal, my sister and I sat on their back patio and knitted! They came to our house yesterday for our first curry dinner since spring time. 


  1. What a nice setting for sitting and knitting with a sister. Very pretty. Holly and Frodo! I think they just enjoy baiting each other. Are you able to share your curry recipe? (Mine was not good last week...)

  2. Ah, how nice to live close enough to your sister that you can have dinner together and sit and knit!

  3. That sounds like a perfect way to spend the weekend.

    Holly and Frodo are like human siblings. Sometimes they squabble.

  4. I spy some lovely acorn squash on the table by where you are knitting.
    Yum. Holly and Frodo do lend some entertainment to your life. You would think afyer this amount of time they would have learned to coexist. Your weekend sounds lovely though.

    1. I agree that they should be pals. I guess they are in their own way??

  5. Are you wearing sloggers? Love the pattern and colors on those rainboots! Holly is adorable.

  6. Knitting with your sister. How wonderful! Holly 's expression is so funny. Cats can look so worried one minute and then totally cool immediately after that.

  7. What a lovely picture of you and your sister knitting together. Sounds idyllic.

  8. I love the photo of you and your sister knitting. How very cozy. Love curry around here!

  9. How wonderful to be seeing so much of your sister. I had a fun afternoon with mine on Saturday and we're planning a few more this fall.

  10. What a resemblance I see between you and your sister! So glad you had a nice, relaxing weekend. Have a good week. See you again soon!

  11. Hi Karen,
    ...it really does look like a beautiful weekend...some of the trees here are just starting to have a tiny bit of colour...and temps have been below 90 for a while now...haha...so fall will be here soon...I can't wait...
    ~Have a lovely day!

  12. What a nice weekend. Sisters are just the best and all the better when they are close by. We had a glorious autumn weather day on Sunday. Tomorrow the temps are headed back up into the 90's but the mornings have been cool. I'll take it.

  13. My 3 year old grandson has a kitten called Charlie, who looks just like Holly. They are inseparable, to the extent that Charlie fell in the bath last night because he doesn’t like being away from Thomas.

  14. Such a lovely photo of you and your sister knitting, her garden looks beautiful. It sounds like you had a weekend filled with lovely things, I hope you have had a good week to follow too.

  15. What a fun way to spend the weekend!


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