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How are you? 

I've been mighty fine these days. The knitting frenzy continues as I am working on the sixth gnome! I am getting more crazy with the color combinations and chipping away at some half skeins that I know I will never use again. The gnome journey has been so much fun!

The above photo is the scarf that I am making for me that I haven't worked on since gnome number two or three. I'm working on it today, it's a lovely pattern that is fun to work on.

After a brief warm up in the temperatures, we are getting back to chilly air. A cold front blew through and the winds knocked down so many tree leaves in the neighborhood. Delightful! Frodo and I love to see the fallen leaves all mixed up on neighborhood properties. We have our fair share of leaves mixed together in our front yard.

After a summer on NOT feeding the birds because of a raccoon family, we are back at it. The birds came right back! Hopefully the raccoons do not. My bird feeder is squirrel proof but not raccoon proof.

I'm thinking about a major (well different) switch up to the notebooks I use when 2023 rolls in. Of course I use my hobonichi weeks for every day use. I have an art journal which is more writing and reflecting that art but it's decorated. I have a morning journal that I might switch sizes in the new year (from A5 to B6 - smaller). 

I'd like to bring back my traveler's company notebook and do some gratitude journaling (I do a tiny bit in my morning journal). Life is so good, I should amplify it! Anyways nothing is really definite, but I do like to think about it. 

I have high hopes of finishing all the gnomes (total of eight) but that just might be a lofty doesn't hurt to dream though.


  1. It's nice to see all the signs of fall in your neighborhood. We have some yellow leaves here, but the majority are still green. There are lots of them on the ground due to our rain. I think that woolly bear might be predicting a mild winter!

  2. Hi Karen. I love that scarf you are making for yourself. Lovely fall pictures. You have such a great yard. I am glad that life is going well for you. I feel your love and gratitude in this post. Have a good weekend. See you again soon!

  3. So many FALL signs and so much FUN knitting!! I think the gnomes are way too fiddly for moi, but I'm glad you are enjoying. We had rain yesterday but today is gorgeous...I wish I did not have conference calls and work deadlines!

  4. That scarf looks lovely! I'm glad you're feeling so happy and I love your plans for your notebooks. Maybe I should start thinking about that too. My planner is okay, but I would love to start garden and/or herbal journal.

  5. I have a feeling you will make your gnome goal. They are so fun to make. My fingering weight gnomes only take 3-4 days to make. I am sure the worsted weight takes a might bit longer. Gall foliage is so pretty. A real treat for the eyes. Your gratitude planner sounds so nice. What a positive way to start or end each day....writing down your blessings. The colors of your scarf are really pretty. We had raccoons when we lived in PA. They would take off our trash can lids and tip them over. I finally started leaving a doggy milk bone on top of each can and they stopped their mischievous deeds. Better than cleaning up garbage each morning.

  6. What a pretty scarf. Your nature photos really showcase Autumn.

  7. Such lovely photo's ! I wonder, how do you keep track with so many notebooks ? Though I can see why it's nice to have different things in different notebooks, I guess I'd feel overwhelmed if I'd try...


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