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Good morning! How are you all doing today and most of all, how are your projects coming along? 

Well I thought I'd have this hat done by now. You see, I took this project to my sister's neighborhood stitching group Monday night and every blessed stitch I knitted had to be undone. That's approximately five rows. I had to un-knit each stitch because of the twisted stitches that occur every single row. I've learned my lesson and will take simple socks from now on.

I'm thrilled to report I've fixed the mistake and I've knit back those five rows yesterday!

What are you working on this week?


  1. It's always a thrill (and quite a relief) to get beyond our mistakes after un-knitting them. I hope your hat stays on track!

  2. Oh dear! Sorry about that. How nice, though, to have a neighborhood stitch group - I would love that. I'm knitting plain vanilla socks (2 different ones), so hopefully there will be no negative knitting here. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Oh dear. It is so sad to need to unknit several rows. Yet, once they are corrected, don't you feel accomplished? I m working on a baby sweater and loving it.

  4. Lesson learnt! Glad you could fix it! I am just back on my feet, dreaming of baking my favourite cranberry orange muffins

  5. Ha, talking and knitting... They say it can be done, but I messed up a really simple project that way, so I can imagine this going wrong. Glad you managed to fix it though!

  6. Oh darn. It's always good to regain the lost knitting rows. That hat is certainly worth reknitting. It's a beautiful color in a pretty pattern. I most often take mindless projects to a social knitting situation. The group sounds fun though. Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. Oh man, it is is so frustrating when you have to un-knit. This is looking great now.


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