Good morning, this post is brought to you today from the glorious moon shot I snapped yesterday morning. I wish you were there because it is better in real person. How are you? My weekend was pretty okay. 

Yesterday, Miss Holly the cat who likes to create mayhem decided to bite her way into the bottom of our loveseat (we blocked her a month or so ago from the 'burrow' she made in the couch). So after Mass, we drove to Joann Fabrics to buy cloth that is densely woven. Apparently this is a cat 'thing'. The cashier and the fabric cutter have heard stories of cats doing this.... I bet this behavior keeps Joann Fabrics in business.

After lunch we staple-gunned the new fabric over the old and now she has been thwarted once again. ha ha. I am satisfied I out smart a cat.

Frodo has been doing really well since it's been a week after his teeth cleaning and a week of preventative antibiotic which I believe upsets his stomach a tiny bit. He and I are thrilled the medicine is completed!

On Saturday, my sister and brother in law came over for dinner and to celebrate my sister's birthday which was earlier this week. We always have a nice time with them.

I dabbled in paints, I knitted and I read a ton. I read Maus by Art Spiegelman (the version I read contained both book I and II for the complete story) which I HIGHLY recommend. My husband is going to read it next. Thankfully it's a library loan that continuously renews. 

How was your weekend?


  1. Such pretty painting and what a gorgeous moon shot!! Congratulations on outwitting Holly. My weekend was so nice and Dee and I finally got together arain after weeks of not meeting up!

  2. Congratulations on outsmarting Holly (for now anyway)! I read Maus years ago and was pleased that I talked a bunch of our eighth-graders into reading it when I worked in the library. The story is continued in Maus II if you're interested.

  3. Hi Karen. I have read both Maus 1 and 2. Both very much worth reading. Glad you were able to get your couch fixed, and that Frodo is feeling better.. Sounds like you had a good weekend. See you again soon!

  4. Outwitting cats is a very good thing! LOL And, yes... the moon was just glorious wasn't it! Happy Monday my friend!

  5. That is a beautiful moon! Oh, cats... Ours like to dig in plants, which is very weird, since they live outside.

  6. Hopefully your new fabric will thwart Miss Mayhem. Giroux loves to lay on TOP of the sofa. Eventually, it squishes down the top. But, he will NOT be denied his spot.

  7. I had no idea cats would burrow under the furniture. Maybe cause my cats were BIG and couldn't get under it. Your weekend sounds idyllic. Family time is always wonderful. Love your watercolor of the little girl.

  8. I noticed it, too, the moon was a brilliant crescent! Silly kitty. Hope that solves the issue. I was just drawing a little. I should get out the paints!

  9. So glad you have figured out how to outsmart Holly. I am glad Frodo is doing better. My weekend was calm and uneventful which is exactly what I needed. I love your little girl with the umbrella.

  10. Sounds like a nice weekend! Cats do silly things, don't they? Enjoyed seeing your drawings! You have lots of talents!

  11. That moon photo is gorgeous. I hope you have outwitted Holly once and for all. Your painting is so sweet. I love the little girl.


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