Green Blue Striped Socks


Last night I finished a pair of socks for my husband. While I do like the striping sequence, I didn't like trying to make them 'matchy-matchy'. However I did succeed! He already has the socks in his sock drawer.

What are you working on this week?


  1. One more lovely pair of socks to replace all the socks your husband has worn out this year!

  2. My knitting mojo has kind of hit a wall. Taking a little break in hopes that it will come back.

    In the meantime ....................maybe some stitching will be done or maybe read a new book.

  3. wow, that pair FLEW off the needles! I hope you're both feeling better. I started a new sweater this afternoon while chatting with long-distance friend I'll see in person in two weeks. She said she can't wait to see the finished piece, and part of me wonders if I could have it done when I see her?!

  4. Lovely, hand-knit socks! Your husband is one lucky man. :-)

  5. And another pair of socks for your husband. Those knit up quickly. I'm working on a hitchhiker and cast on a hat.

  6. I have some sock yarn, but still haven't unpacked my knitting needles. I'm not exactly sure which box they are in since we still have so many boxes in the garage with this smaller house...

  7. Beautiful sock yarn, I hope they are comfortable to wear. I'm working on a dishcloth, then back to my socks. Cx

  8. I love those colors together. And I actually think its better when they are not perfectly "matchy-matchy!" I have a plan to make a blanket this spring. Hopefully I can do it! : )


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