Ordinary Days


How are you? Well this week was kind of slow but kind of busy. Every day there is something on the calendar which chops up the rhythm of knitting like a madwoman. I have knitting goals! After finishing the baby blanket I'm starting a baby sweater and hat as soon as the yarn arrives in the mail today.

All the trees are leafed out and spring is fully spring. Frodo and I are enjoying sitting outside for a bit to soak up some fresh air. He can't hear too well but he still can see. He loves to bark at people walking the neighborhood. 

Yesterday, my husband and I went to the Art museum and then out to lunch. There was an exhibit that was ending next week that we 'had' to see. That whole time my dad was in 'ICU - hospital - rehab' stopped us from exploring our museum memberships. My dad is doing well! He is discharged from all the specialists that saved his life. 

After all the traveling and then hosting company, my body is yearning for lots of exercise and eating at home, reading books and yes, knitting. Ordinary Days are happening as we approach summer. I am excited.


  1. Enjoy the magic of ordinary days!

  2. Ordinary is lovely. Having an "upset" routine is fine, once in a while. Yet, ordinary days help to recharge the batteries.

  3. Ordinary days are the BEST!! Have fun with your yarn delivery - can't wait to see the wee sweater and hat take shape!

  4. I love an ordinary day. How nice that you have such wonderful museums nearby. Have a nice weekend.

  5. I love ordinary days. You must be loving being settled back into your normal routine after all the Spring upset. Enjoy your knitting. I am looking forward to seeing the sweater and hat.

  6. Ordinary days at home are nice. The trip to the museum and lunch out sounds great. What a nice day with your husband! So glad that your dad is doing so much better. Have a good weekend! See you again soon.

  7. Ordinary days are the very best. Yikes, seems like Frodo should still be a puppy :-o.

  8. Ordinary days are my favorite....I am a homebody. I started a bit of walking again now that my medications have helped me tremendously. I retire in a month and I can't wait for ordinary days and days and days of doing only what I love. Good for you for knowing what you need!! (PS. I am also awaiting a new baby granddaughter this summer....I made one sock but need my mojo back to make the second!)


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