Three is the Magical Number


True to my word, I've been knitting the baby sweater and even started the baby hat. I do love knitting baby things because they are a fast instantaneous knit for me. How have you been this week? I've been pretty good. Every morning, I right three items that I want to accomplish. Three seems like a magical number and a doable goal. I used to write down many tasks but the day isn't long enough. I am energized by three items being crossed off. 

Our weather has been glorious! We had a bit of a cool down that felt really nice. The weather is ramping up for another heat wave. Our flowers are looking so lovely in the garden. My husband works so hard on maintaining the beds and the work he put in last year is showing off this season. I will not speak about the deer and their nibbles of young green shoots that were potential flowers. Grr. I am grateful it's just deer and not the dreaded bear!

I started an Agatha Christie book just on a library borrowing impulse. I read all of her books while I was in my mid twenties. I cannot remember plots but I remember enjoying reading them. This one is a Miss Marple Mystery.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Your little itty-bitty sweater start looks so pretty. What a soothing color! Agatha Christie was a master story teller. Fletch and I watch a Poirot mystery on PBS every Tuesday evening. We've seen them all, but often can't remember them when we sit down to watch! Last year the deer ignored our snapdragons while consuming many other plants. This year we have planted even more snapdragons - hopefully they will continue to ignore them! I'm looking forward to a long holiday weekend and I plan to be quite lazy!

  2. That little sweater is just too sweet! I was thinking about doing a bit of a Miss Marple read for the summer! Have a great weekend!

  3. Baby items are wonderful to knit because they go so quickly and are so cute! I love Miss Marple - she just sees things and comes out with the solution while she calmly knits.

  4. Love ❤️ your knitts! A list with 3 things sounds great

  5. Your knits are all so nice. The purples! I love lists. I like your idea of three things. I'm going to start highlighting the top three each day. Great idea!

  6. The lavender baby things are very sweet. A list of three things sounds very doable. And it's so satisfying to be able to check items off a list.

  7. Three things to cross off each day sounds like an excellent plan ! I am curious how you like the reading; I've never read any of her books, only watched the tv-series about Miss Marple, which I really enjoyed back then.

    1. give it a try! I find them interesting.

    2. I will look for one on my next librart visit then


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