Hello! How was your weekend? Mine was over the top busy and it's going to take a whole week to get over the busy. Our son and daughter in law and grandson left later this morning because of an unexpected oil leak. However a kind above-and-beyond local tire auto store took care of them within an hour and a half. We already give our business to them but gosh we'll be telling everyone how speedy they were to get them on their way.

On Saturday, we had the family reunion which was lovely. It was so nice to see all of my cousins some that I haven't seen in 15 years. (I didn't recognize a few but they recognized me!). The food was delicious. Later that evening we went out to dinner.

Sunday morning we went to Mass then we prepared for the baby shower party. Oh my. I was overwhelmed by how much my local family helped me out. We had about 34 people attend. After the party, two families stayed for dinner. I believe everyone had a great time.

I thoroughly enjoyed my grandson, maybe just maybe when he says GAH it means Grammy! I'd like to believe so. 

We are exhausted, Frodo has a hangover from all the commotion. Holly has emerged from hiding. My husband and I are ready for some quiet down time. 


  1. A full loving weekend you had. Rest up.

  2. My first grandson would say Gah for me.....instead of Grammy. He easily learned Buppa for grandpa though. LOL

  3. I imagine your heart is very full from the best kind of weekend. I hope you were able to put your feet up today.

  4. Enjoy the quiet! Two parties in one weekend is a lot, and that was a big shower. Here's hoping you have some peaceful time with your feet up (and maybe a bit of leftover cake).

  5. Sounds like a fun and busy weekend. We attended a fun party celebrating our son's birthday; I baked our family's traditional Coca-cola Cake for him, and it was a hit!

  6. What a full weekend you had! May the quiet refill you both! :)

  7. Ahhhhh, what a beautiful cake and I bet it was tasty too! Sounds like a very busy, but very fun weekend Karen. Enjoy the quiet now and take time to restore a bit.

  8. What a blessing!! I hope a few days of quiet has healed you all!


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