How was your weekend?

My weekend was interesting. We celebrated my dad's 82nd birthday yesterday and it was wonderful to be all together with family and to see him healthy and living large after all those bleak ICU days.

 Unfortunately my husband fell off of his bike on a state park trail near my dad's house before lunch. We ended up at urgent care for a deep cut on his elbow with some stitches. Today he sees a specialist to make sure all the 'foreign bodies' are out of the wound. I am grateful that my step-mom, sister and brother in law assessed the damages because I am not great at the sight of blood, ha ha ha.

Today we get a new furnace and AC installed, I am so excited!!


  1. I'm glad there is good excitement to go along with the less-than-good! I hope your husband's elbow is free of foreign bodies and the installation goes smoothly. You'll need that AC!

  2. Oh no! Hope your husband heals easily and quickly. Happy Birthday (belated) to your Dad - how wonderful that you could all celebrate together. Best of luck with the installation today.

  3. Healing vibes going out to your husband. Hope all heals up quickly and well. Belated happy birthday wishes to your dad.

    Yay for new (and efficient) air conditioning!

  4. Oh heavens, I hope your husband will be healed soon! I am glad you had a good family visit as well!

  5. Sorry to hear about your husbands fall.. wishing him a speedy recovery.
    Happy happy birthday to your dad. It must be wonderful to celebrate him after the year you all have had.

  6. oh that would be stressful! God bless!!! hope all is well now! many blessings!

  7. How wonderful you were able to celebrate another birthday with your dad! and yikes! prayers for a quick recovery (and all the thanks for help with the wound).

  8. I’m glad to hear you were able to spend time with your dad, but so sorry to hear about your husband. I hope everything goes well with the installation of the new furnace and AC! It’s always nice to get those things out of the way.

  9. Oh good grief. It is always something. I hope the wound heals quickly. New AC sounds like a fine idea if expensive. Best to be proactive with the furnace/AC.

  10. Good luck with the installation of the furnace and AC. It's so important to have a good HVAC system. Our AC went out during a heat wave in 2021 and it was miserable. We got the whole system at our condo replaced then. I hope that whoever buys this place will appreciate that. It was very expensive. At our house, the system works well so far, but it is old so I anticipate having to replace it eventually. Glad you hubby is OK after his fall. So glad you were able to get together with family and celebrate your dad's birthday. Enjoy this week. See you again soon!


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