Good morning! How was your weekend? 

On Saturday, I did some early morning errand running and was home by 10 a.m. and spent the rest of the day enjoying the fall-like weather. Wearing a sweatshirt in the morning was decadent. I love when there are hints of fall as we are knee-deep in late summer. Today the heat and humidity return, sigh.

Sunday was a relaxing day, I rearranged my journaling supplies and cleaned out my knitting bag. I'm making room for new projects and for new holiday knitting. My husband and I sat out on the back patio in the afternoons and enjoy what summer was offering to us over the weekend. As the weather heats up again, our afternoon patio time will shift to mid morning.

My non-credit classes start in a few weeks. I'm taking: two history classes and Tai Chi. I'm ready for my school adventure.


  1. Jealous!! I used to take Tai Chi years ago and loved it! I'd like to find a close-by place and have Fletch join me. Wasn't the weekend delightful? I wore a long sleeve shirt Saturday morning when I met up with Dee. We are back to the heat again too.

  2. It was short-lived, but that weekend taste of almost fall was delightful. I don't know that I would be very good at history classes, but tai-chi sounds very interesting. It must be fun heading back to school!

  3. Your classes will be so fun and educational. Tai chi will be fabulous for your health too. I spent my weekend not doing much. Went to Mass and did some cross stitching and knitting.

  4. Ooo! Those classes sound so fun! I am also prioritizing some porch time for the mornings here as well... beat.the.heat!

  5. That cool weekend sounds lovely. After lovely summer last week, we are back to high heat and humidity. I'm slowly catching up and entering all my comments here. Setting up projects with fall colors is a great way to look forward to autumn. That beautiful white iris in August is a nice treat. I like the look of that last summer hitchhiker. Maybe by the time you finish, fall will be here or at least around the corner. Your classes sound interesting and knowing where to park is a plus.

  6. I would love to take some more history classes. Maybe I will look into that when I retire. I have my B.A. in history (another degree in journalism) but when I hear about the classes my son is taking for his B.A. in history, I am a bit jealous. ;-) I love the picture of the butterfly on the lilacs. I hope you have a great week!

  7. oh my - back to school for REAL! sounds fabulous. as does that time outside. 90+ yesterday, today, and the rest of this week. have a great week!

  8. Beautiful butterfly! When i lived in San Francisco, I saw groups of people in the park every morning doing tai chi together. So fun!!

  9. I love your moose mug! I am knitting an afghan for my granddaughter in her school colors, dark blue and orange for UVA. Taking forever! Knitting a blanket in summer was so dumb!


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