Good morning!

I'm popping in here for a quick hello since the weekend is still going strong today because it's Labor Day. Yesterday, we had lunch at my dad and stepmom's house along with my sister and brother in law. The food was delicious and the flowers were beautiful! 

On Saturday, my sister and I went shopping and had great fun. I bought more yarn even though I swore I would not buy more yarn and would faithfully knit from my never-ending stash. I swear the purchases were 'necessary'.

I am hopefully finishing a Christmas stocking today for our newly minted granddaughter. The yarn is acrylic, so my hands are very sore. I cannot wait to return to my sweater knitting. 

How was your weekend?


  1. Those are large and lovely sunflowers! I hope you enjoy the last day of the long weekend and finish your granddaughter's stocking.

  2. Sounds like a lovely weekend! Yarn shopping included (and of course it was necessary). Beautiful sunflowers!

  3. Saturday with Vera, Sunday out to lunch, and today ..............hopefully a quiet, restful day. Hope yours is a good day.

  4. Like you, I'm considering today "still part of the weekend" - we've enjoyed family time and the weather has been glorious. I'm so glad it's September!!

  5. So nice to have a special time with family!

  6. It really is hard resisting new yarn, isn't it? Those sunflowers are beautiful and way bigger than any I've seen around here. Hope you had a nice holiday weekend!

  7. Shopping with sisters is always fun. I love the sunflowers - they are so big. The sunflowers around here are smaller. I hope you have a good week. Enjoy September! See you again soon. :-)

  8. You weekend sounds lovely. Yarn shopping is always fun. Yarn shopping with a sister is priceless.

  9. Look at those large beautiful buttery yellow sunflowers. Shopping with sisters is always fun and especially if it involves yarn. Your weekend sounds delightful. We had our son here for a few days and then put him on a plane on Sunday. Happy September.


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