Arbitrary Goals


After being away last weekend, this whole week was kind of a catch-up week where I didn't quite catch-up but kept adding more to my to do list. I am behind in my holiday knitting but then does it matter? I don't think so, only I know of my arbitrary goals. 

This week, I started my granddaughter's Christmas sweater and I have been thoroughly enjoying working on this little project in the evenings and even during the day. Maybe it's the wool maybe it's the pattern or maybe it's both at the same time. So far, I don't think I have any mistakes but then again you never know.

My husband and I received our flu and covid shots on Wednesday late afternoon. Yesterday was a challenging day. Tylenol fixed everything, but golly,  I was dragging myself around.  I only have a sore arm this morning, I am grateful. Of course my husband had a minimal reaction, grr.

Autumn is fully here, the leaves are changing and the mornings are quite cold. Frodo and I moved our early morning walks to mid morning walks. My winter bird feeder is out again. I've been enjoying all the regular birds and can't wait for the winter ones to arrive.


  1. That sweater is a lovely shade, and being small, you'll soon be done! I'm sorry you had a reaction to your shots, but you can feel good knowing that your immune system was working as it should and you are more protected. I'm also waiting for the winter birds; the juncos should return soon.

  2. So glad you got your Covid and flu shots. Charly and I both got our flu shots, but for some reason, Covid shots are hard to come by around here. I am hoping to get one soon. I love the color of the new sweater. Have a good weekend. See you again soon!

  3. That is going to be a beautiful little sweater. Sorry about the shot reactions but good to be protected.

  4. I am thoroughly enjoying the changing of the season. I have learned I am really, REALLY not a hot weather person.

    Your granddaughter's sweater is a pretty color of rose.

  5. What yarn do you use for childrens articles? TIA

    1. I try to find super wash wool if at all possible. The wool is kind to my hands a joy to work with.

  6. I love the color of that yarn. That is a very pretty pattern. Enjoy your walks. I've moved mine to later in the day also.

  7. your granddaughter's little sweet! I'm still walking very early in the morning, but super bundled up in all of my handknits. My husband told me I look like an art project! Can't wait to see progress next week.

  8. I think knitting for grandchildren is always sweet. The color is very pretty. Won't they be cute in sweaters knit by their grandmother. I'm sorry you had a miserable day or so after the vaccinations but as Bonny wrote, you know that your immune system was working. I have found that I have much less of a reaction to the Pfizer shots. I'm sure everyone's system is different.


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