Creative Sparks

This past week my creativity has rebounded. Phew! I tend to go in waves on what exactly inspires me to knit, read and/or sketch. I've learned through the years to just chill and see what inspires me and when inspiration strikes, run with it.

Currently, I'm knitting gnomes and the gnome knitting obsession initially was slow and somewhat of a chore. Yesterday, after I completed the fourth one, I was officially in the gnome zen of knitting.

What helps my creativity is being out in nature. My daily walk is good for me physically and mentally. I see color combinations that would be great in a hat or a mitten. May there always be days where I have more ideas to knit and the projects are overflowing in my notebook.

I have been thoroughly enjoying the dip in the temperatures and wearing wool on my walks. Frodo would disagree, since he is 14 (!!) he will be outside for a little walk if it is above freezing, he just cannot take cold weather like when he was a younger pup.  

Of course, there is another warm up heading our way but I doubt that will last long. Our trees are mostly done dumping leaves except for the oak trees which are becoming one of my all time favorite trees.

Later today I will be art journaling about seasons changing, pulling out a set of paints. 

What sparks your creativity?



  1. My creativity tends to ebb and flow, depending on whether I've read an interesting article, found a good recipe, purchased some lovely yarn, or just had a good idea that I want to try.

  2. Poor Frodo. It has been absolutely freezing the last couple of mornings. I love your moose mug.

  3. I love hearing about your creativity sparks...and how you just let it happen. And we are on the receiving end of it with wonderful pictures and ideas! I'm not sure what sparks me but I'm going to pay attention to that in the coming weeks. I think I can learn from it.

  4. My creativity also ebbs and flows... which I think is typical, but I love when friends inspire me! (you do all the time!) Happy weekend XO

  5. I'm another one with ebbing and flowing creativity. Reading blogs often sparks my creativity or gives me ideas....some might call it enabling. LOL

  6. I love walking outside too. I hope you have a great weekend!

  7. Love your drawings (and the mug). A moose always makes me think of Maine where my son lives. Being out in nature truly inspires me to do something creative...I think because it helps to clear my head. Frodo is 14? Wow...I've been away from blogging longer than I thought! Do you still have your kitten? Well, I'm sure she's full grown by now, but I remember when you got her as a kitten.

  8. my creativity also ebbs and flows. sometimes i will go for months having no creative energy or sense and other times it is the reverse. i also find being out in nature helps. mostly it helps my energy levels. i love those stickers in the first photo.
    love & magicks

  9. Can't wait to see your gnomes! I also like to walk but lately they've been wet ones.

  10. I do think the nature of creativity is to ebb and flow. I try to remind myself that the waiting/fallow time is just part of the process. I also am inspired by being outdoors and also by good books.

  11. Lucy doesn't seem to mind the chilly temps ... such is the fun of a 15 month old puppy!! Frodo does look quite sharp in his tartan coat.


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