I cannot believe we are celebrating Easter this weekend. The Lenten season has gone fast and yet is has gone slow at the same time. I am excited about the weather being more like springtime and less like wintertime and I say this with my fingers crossed. 

How are you? 

Earlier this week, my husband and I went to the conservatory to see the spring flower show and it was the first time going without my sister and brother in law. We had a nice time and enjoyed seeing the flowers. I was surprised that some of the glass roofs of the greenhouses were drippy from the outside rain. I guess a lot of work and maintenance goes into the upkeep of not only the plants but the structural integrity of the buildings as well. 

I've had the whole week off from my classes and have focused my attention on knitting (carefully so that the flare doesn't flare up again). I'm looking forward to seeing my local family on Easter Sunday and eating lots of food.

Happy Easter!


  1. What pretty flowers!! And sweet Frodo too. Happy Easter! I'm looking forward to being at Colin & Mailing's for dinner on Sunday.

  2. Flowers, food, and family are a lovely combination!

  3. Have a very blessed Easter, Karen!!

  4. Look at Frodo! He looks so happy. What lovely flowers too. Have a lovely Easter Karen.

  5. Happy Easter Karen, have a lovely time with family x

  6. Happy Easter. The warmth and flowers are most welcome. Enjoy your family and feast.

  7. I love the flowers! Have a wonderful Easter!


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