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Good morning! 

My knitting has been progressing nicely. Two days ago though, I had to UNKNIT 385 stitches while working on this shawl because there was a mistake. I decided to change the pattern from 'make one left or right' to a yarn over because I could not see the pattern well and lace-weight yarn is oh so fiddly. I am happy with my decision but the unknitting took forever! (well it felt like forever but maybe it was an hour...)

I am on the border and that is so close to a finish!

What are you working on this week?


  1. That is a lot of stitches to tink but it was worthwhile if you are happier with it!

  2. Oh no! That's a lot of stitches to have to undo and then knit again. But I love the colors present.

  3. Oh ugh! That is a lot of unknitting to do! Glad you are back on track with that super cheerful knit!

  4. I just stated a cardigan (on my ravelry). It will take me some time... I need to learn German short row in this pattern. Gotta say I am kind of nervous about it. "unknitting" stitches is so tedious. Beautiful colors on this one!

  5. Oh gee! Glad you are back to the knitting now. That sure is a colorful and pretty shawl.

    1. I keep forgetting to add my name...brain dead I guess....

  6. Unknitting that many stitches sounds fiddly indeed. It is a pretty yarn though. I look forward to seeing the finished shawl. I do love shawl knitting.

  7. You were smart to fix what was bugging you! I'm still knitting my Porty sweater, but the end is near ....

  8. The colorway of that shawl is awesome. I like doing the YO instead of m1r or m1l. Goes so much quicker. Going back that many stitches is very time consuming. I bet you feel much better now that it is done and issue solved.

  9. I'm always having to do unknitting. I need to slow down and read the pattern properly. My socks that I've just knitted have had the toes unpicked - as the length was wrong. It is annoying but it needs to be right.
    At the moment, I'm finishing the socks and the Lent dishcloth. Have a good weekend x

  10. Such a dilemma, to undo or not!
    Finished a pair of slippers for one child and I have a slipper done and just started the second for the other child!


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