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Good morning! How are you all doing on this fine Wednesday morning. My knitting has been minimal but I am slowly plugging away on this sock (still on the first one but oh so close to the toe shaping). The above photo makes the color-way look much better than it does in real life. Once these socks are finished, I will be taking a break from knitting socks for my husband. 

I have family visiting this week and so I am planning a blog break until next week. Adventuring takes a lot of time as I age, ha ha. 

What are you working on this week?


  1. Have a great time with family!

  2. You can't do all the things all the time. Have fun with family!

  3. Enjoy your break and time with your family. Have fun!

  4. I commend you for sticking with the socks as long as you have! Have fun with the family this week....

  5. Enjoy your break and family time. I really love the yarn you are using for your socks ☺️

  6. I know you will enjoy having family there this week! Happy blogging break!

  7. Enjoy your family time! I'm still knitting stripes ... and thinking about more summer knits!

  8. Enjoy the time with your family. I'm knitting on a colorwork hat and stitching on the table runner.


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