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How are you? What have you been working on this week?

My knitting has been slow since the weekend. Above is a photo of the leg warmers for my mother in law. They are coming along nicely. I cannot wait to be finished with this project so I can start a new project. I have yet to decide what the new project is but you will be the first to know.

Frodo was unwell again, hence the lack of knitting time. However, we are on the road to solutions for him. I have great difficulty getting an appointment with his regular vet because of their limited hours and the days they are opened. On Monday, I successfully obtained an appointment and he received a thorough examination. He has a history of a wonky liver for the past four years without symptoms (schnauzer thing) and it is flaring up and causing symptoms now. That is why he is having repeated bouts of diarrhea and un-wellness. The vet has a medicine treatment plan for him and is quite confident we can get him back to his regular self. We have meds and a followup appointment for more bloodwork. His heart and lungs sound good for being a 14 year old and he is a feisty little man.


  1. I like the yarn you're using for those leg warmers, and I do hope the vet's plan for Frodo is successful. It's difficult enough when we age, but it's almost harder when our pets do!

  2. Poor Frodo! I do hope he is on the mend again with the vet's recommended plan. It's so hard when our pets are unwell. The leg warmers are so pretty - they will be a cheerful addition to your mother-in-law's winter wardrobe!

  3. I'm so glad Frodo is back on track...phew! Love the leg warmers..colors are amazing. How long are they...look about mid-calf? I may need a pair. :)

  4. I hope that this time the meds will help poor Frodo! I am sending all the healing juju his way!

  5. The colorway of the leg warmers is super cheerful. Your MIL is going to love them. Poor Frodo. He has had a rough few months. Praying this treatment plan gets him on the road to recovery.

  6. I love the variegated yarn you are using for the leg warmers. I hope that Frodo gets feeling better soon. It's good that you have a caring and competent vet. Happy 4th of July to you and yours!

  7. I'm sorry to hearthat Frodo isn't doing well again, but glad that you were able to get an appointment with his regular vet on Monday. Looking forward to hearing that he is full recovery mode soon!

  8. What pretty leg warmers. I hope that the vet's plan gets Frodo back to feeling like himself.


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