Basket of Yarn

Today there is a little bit of snowing going on.  It is just beautiful!  Of course, it will not be measured in inches or feet because it is just a tiny amount of flurries.  It does put one in the holiday spirit.  When we returned from our trip from visiting family, I decorated the main floor for Christmas.  Let me tell you, I was sore from head to toe.  The next day I decorated the media room which is much easier because the tree is smaller and there are less knick knacks that get placed.  At the time I thought I was nuts decorating.  However this morning I am thoroughly enjoying the effort I exerted.

On Ravelry I participated in a year long Lace Scarf KAL.  A clue was released once a month.  I saved the November and December clue for this week to complete.  I had already decided to NOT do a border since the scarf/shawl was wide enough for me.  So when I sat down to start the November clue I realized that I would probably have to ball up another skein of yarn, approximately 400 yards.  I just did not want to do that.  So I ripped back to the end of the October clue and finished off the scarf.  I was hoping that blocking the scarf would make it long enough.

Yesterday, I soaked the scarf for about eight hours unintentionally because I forgot it was soaking and then remembered to blocked it.  Well as you can see it is plenty long and is just beautiful!  The soak did wonders, here is a picture of my Fiery Scarf

I completed one mitt of the Shanghai mitts, the yarn is super super soft and fine. 

For Christmas this year my dad gave my sister and I a lovely handmade basket for books or for yarn.  As you can guess I filled mine with.......YARN!!  

This little guy is an ornament that I think was my Grandmother's.  He is cute and a little creepy all at once, I love how is hands look like he is wearing mittens.  His stocking cap is adorable.  Yes his eyes stay permanently shut.


  1. I love the basket! Your dad is a good gift giver ~ it's beautiful! Your house sounds well decorated for the holidays, too ~ good job, Karen!

  2. Thanks! I really enjoy looking at it full of yarn!


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