The stockings were hung on the chimney.......

Well I guess mine are not hung as of yet.  Ginny, over at Small Things hosts a Yarn Along on Wednesdays.  Everyone who likes to read and knit can link their blog post with their books and projects on the needles!

I finished the Orange Green Socks! Apparently I am a slow reader, I am still reading Drowning Ruth.

This week I have been frantically making stocking ornaments for presents.  I am definitely giving one to our dog groomer and the others I like to have on hand just in case I need a present.  My mother made one before the 1980's.  I am guessing it was made in the '70s but it is just a guess.  Can you see where a little mouse nibbled on my heirloom ornament???  This was before I learned to store my Christmas decorations in a plastic bin.

Six years ago I decided I wanted to make this little stocking but was too lazy to search for the original pattern that was somewhere stored in my many boxes.  So I invented my own pattern based on the original.  I decided to start with a three stitch I cord then when the I cord was 4 inches I casted on the rest of the cuff stitches and proceeded to make the little stocking.  I am using a fingering weight yarn Baby Ull by Dale of Norway.

I continue to make slow progress on my Elderberry Wine Shawl.  Remember this a long term project so I am in no hurry.

I am also about to cast on (when the stocking ornaments are completed!) a sweater for my son.  He picked out a vibrant purple of Cascade 220.  I am going to make the Seamless Hybrid Sweater by Elizabeth Zimmermann.  I have the measurements and I understand all of the directions except for the hybrid part.  I figure I will understand it when I have the stitches in front of me.  If not then Ravelry will rescue me!


  1. wow, just looked at that Seamless Hybrid Sweater you'll be knitting and I absolutely love it!!! I might knit one too...I don't know for whom, or when I'll start, but I'm going to make it! :) thanks for inspiration :)

    oh, and I love those little stocking ornaments :)

  2. Those little critters have no respect for Christmas ornaments!
    You did well in re-knitting them!

  3. Love the stockings- I made one up this year too ;)

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Adorable stockings! Merry Christmas.

  5. I love the knitted ornaments. Very thoughtful. I want to get that book by Elizabeth Zimmerman...maybe after Christmas.

  6. I love the santa winking at that yarn. Awesome shawl!

  7. hmmmm.... looking forward to seeing the zimmerman sweater! i love the tomten jacket i made for my son when he was just a wee little one! must get that book...

  8. Those are adorable little ornaments and LOVE the shawl!! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas to :)


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