Christmas Serenity

The very best part of Christmas break is the lull after the official holiday.  I thoroughly enjoy having no pressing matters on my mind.  I think the week or two before Christmas gets hectic with all of the last minute items that need to be bought or wrap.  I am a very detailed list maker but every year I seem to forget to put something on my list and it usually happens very close to the due date.  Part of me wants to be a better list maker (as if!) and the more rational part of me wants to simplify my holiday.  This week after Christmas I am leaning towards simplifying.

I have been dutifully working on the Purple Majesty sweater.  So far it is extremely easy because I am working on the body.  My son wanted a hemmed edge instead of a ribbed edge.  I am super excited at how nicely the edge turned out :D  I decided to do a contrast color for the inside hemmed edge.  Here is a picture:

My Elderberry Wine Shawl is making some progress.  I am on Chart C.  I think I will always be partial to lace knitting.  I find it relaxing and fun.  However I cannot do lace knitting and talk at the same time. Well I guess I could but there would be lots of mistakes.

Based on my photos, I think I am in a very purple-ly mood!


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