Old Fashioned Christmas

I thought it would be nice to share some of my favorite old ornaments that I have hung up on our tree.  The first ornament is a wishbone (yes, the real thing) that my grandmother crocheted around and decorated with sequins.....it is from 1975!

The next ornament is a plastic canvas sleigh that my mother made when I was a teenager, this is a broad estimation.  The little baby was my grandmother's and when my daughter was little she enjoyed putting the baby in the sleigh.  So now they always go together.

I am pretty sure that the next ornament was made by my grandmother.  I do not have an exact year but I am guessing it is more than thirty years old.

This doll ornament used to be my absolute favorite on our Christmas tree growing up.  My mother made many of them.  I have two or three hung and have saved a few for my son and daughter when they have their own Christmas trees.

This is not an old ornament.  But it is based on one that my mother knitted more than thirty years ago.  I recreated the pattern from the old stocking and added an I-cord loop when I casted on for the cuff.  I really need to make at least two of these in the next three days!  


  1. I love the old ornaments. The favorite ones on our tree are the ones my kids made years ago. Each has a story and a memory. Thanks for sharing yours!

  2. I love the yarn doll ~ I may have to figure out how to make them.

    and you may be the only person in the whole world that has a yarn covered wishbone ~ that is so funny!


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