Finish Line

Well as I was guessing, I ran out of yarn.  I was knitting Day 22 and felt that I would not be able to repeat the 14 row pattern twice.  So I only did one repeat and then knit my final four rows of garter.  Yippee for me!  Here are pictures of day 17 through 22 (well half of 22).

I already soaked the scarf this morning and it is currently blocking in the guest bedroom.  It should be dry by tonight.  So hopefully I can post some finished pictures in a day or two.  If you want to see some more beautiful Advent Calendar scarves, check out Girls in Sheep Clothing!


  1. good job, Karen!!! I'm pulling up the rear on this one obviously ;)

    I looked ahead and some of the last days look there are problems with the math so it may still take me a bit longer to finish than I was hoping ~ I'm shooting for Valentine's Day at the latest though!

    I'm glad you knit with us again this year ~ we're thinking about doing Jared Flood's Celes and Juneberry Triangle later in the year sometime if you want to join us!!

    we'd love to knit along with you again, friend


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