The Snowman Cometh

Frodo, our miniature schnauzer apparently loves being out in the snow.  Yesterday we accumulated about three inches of snow and he was in and out of the house constantly.  This is a picture I took through the screen because he never stays still long enough for a good photo inside the house.  He desperately wanted inside.  He also did not know how to get the clumps of snow off of his lovely beard and his back legs.  So I had to help him!

On the knitting front, I have completed the clues  for days one through four.  For some reason, I had difficulty with day three.  I just kept making mistakes and had to take back knitted rows.  Yesterday I finished day three and four and did not have any problems so maybe it was just an off knitting day?

I am enjoying the project immensely.  Check out Girls in Sheep Clothing for progress on their scarves.  Both of the scarves they blogged about are beautiful!


  1. Too cute! And the knitting-very pretty so far!

  2. so cute! don't leave him out there too long ~ you won't be able to find him! your scarf is looking wonderful! I'm going to finish day 9 today and then get some pics while the light is good ~ lace, lace, lace ~ aren't we a couple of happy campers ;)


  3. Aww, Frodo is so cute! We're expecting snow next week. I'm excited!

  4. Hi Karen!

    I thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Morgen. The knitwits came and spoke to our knitting guild (best presentation ever!) and I fell in love with one of their calendar knits from a couple years ago (no longer available here in the US I guess.) After the guild meeting I started reading their blog and decided to join their KAL and have been plugging along. Like you, I seem to have already knit the thing 3x over for all of my tinking and frogging.
    I love the color of yours. I haven't used Knitpicks Gloss before, and while I love all the luscious colors available to fiber artists these days, as I get older I am also learning to appreciate the timelessness and subtlety of natural muted colors. More and more I find myself gravitating toward the oatmeal colors both literally and figuratively.

    Also I have 6 dogs in my house (my 5 and my Mum's.) I have 5 yorkies and my Mum's is a powderpuff Chinese Crested (the kind WITH hair!) Frodo looks like a sweetheart. Dogs are so goofy, and your right. It does look like he LOVES the snow. Cutiepie!

  5. Hiya Morgen! I am off to ravelry to check out your project page if I can find you!

  6. Love the snow covered beard- so cute!! No wonder you have so many photos of him. And your knitting is beautiful too!


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