Elderberry Wine Shawl

Can you believe it?  I have finally finished this shawl and I am pleased beyond belief.  The yarn blocked beautifully.  I continue to be in complete awe of what blocking can do to lace work.  Truly it is a miracle.  Anyways onto some more pictures.

The blue sweater is my Feather Weight Cardigan that I made last year!  I think it looks pretty with the purple.  Thanks, Twoknitwit from Girls in Sheep Clothing for the lace weight yarn!


  1. I'm so glad you like how it turned out! It's amazing! Totally worth sending you the yarn ~ I'm happy, too ;)

  2. Its absolutely gorgeous! I love the color. I haven't used lace weight yarn quite yet. I want to, but it makes me nervous. Does it break easily?

  3. It is so so so pretty! I love it!!

  4. absolutely stunning! Great job!

  5. It is soooo lovely! The shawl looks store bought--as does your Featherweight Cardi (I made Hannah Fetig's Wispy Cardi back in November). The colors really are gorgeous together.

  6. Fabulous, you are so clever Swanski! I really love everybit about your shawl, the entire making process you went through, the design, the colour & how you are wearing it. You must be thrilled! Thank you for the inspiration. Katie x


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