Nearing the Finish Line

When I put away the Christmas decorations, this banner that my sister made (thanks sis!) is one of the first items that I display.  I love all of the flowers accented with buttons and the blue we wait for the outside to match this banner.  We are almost there.  It is crazy sunny outside right now but very very cold.  

So onto the finish line.  I am on chart G of the Elderberry Wine Shawl !!  This means I am very close to the end since this is the last chart.  I was hoping to get this done yesterday but I got a little side track with life.  Today has been all about focusing on the shawl and getting it finished.

As you know, I am a snow and winter lover.  So to end this post I give you the last tiny bit of snow on our property.  I still think snow is quite beautiful :)


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