Yarn Along

Happy second day of March!  Ginny's blog, Small Things, is hosting a yarn along.  Please stop by her blog and check out the reading ideas and the yarn projects!

I know what you are thinking......and yes it is the same book.  I hang my head in shame.  I really do like the book but I dedicate more time to knitting than to reading.  Who would have thought!  This is a picture of my Elderberry Wine Shawl. I am now on chart E which puts me in the middle of the shawl.  I have to repeat chart E about thirty times!  Thankfully, it is a six or eight row repeat so it is not that much of a chore.  I finished my husband's socks a couple of days ago and they wait patiently on his bureau to be worn.  I think today might be the lucky day.  It is very cold outside morning, not to mention dreary.  I am so glad I walked yesterday and enjoyed the sunny day.


  1. Your knitting is so intricate! That's going to be a beautiful shawl.

  2. I'm seeing so many beautiful shawls today, I think I'm going to have a new project on my list to do!

  3. Elderberry Wine Shawl, what a perfect name for that beautiful shawl!


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