Mermaid's Tail

Twice a month I meet three other ladies for some knitting and socializing.  This past weekend as I was enjoying the company of one other knitter, I casted on this shawl.  The yarn has been in my basket for quite some time.  Shamefully I think it might be two years or so.  I have loved it but never came up with a project for it. So while I was looking around Ravelry, I stumbled across this shawl pattern and thought it would be perfect for this yarn. The older I get, the more I appreciate garter stitch and the main body of this shawl has it.  The edging is classic feather and fan stitch.   My daughter thinks the color resembles a mermaid's tail, I do not see it, do you?

My romantic thoughts of standing at the tennis match yesterday in sunshine were thwarted by clouds, wind and intermittent rain.  I did however enjoyed the warm temperatures and watching a good tennis match.  It continues to rain today which will make it the perfect day for knitting inside.  


  1. The yarn looks delicious ... Multnomah is in my Ravelry queue. :)


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