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Good morning!  I finally have a different knitting project.  It is my Mojito Cowl that I started a couple of days ago.  It is a really fun knit and the pattern is easy to memorize.  I highly recommend it.  My reading continues to be These is my Words.  I am really enjoying this book so very much.  I am actually staying awake to keep reading it and that does not happen very often.  I like the way the author has written the book as a diary.  If you like historical fiction then I highly recommend this book.

I finished my Elderberry shawl which was blogged about here.  I am thrilled with it and have worn it several times this week. While I knit some quick easy projects, I am, in the back of my mind, thinking about the next big lace project.  Such fun!

Tennis season this week has been rained on.  But that is okay for us, my son slightly injured (pulled) his arm while serving last week at practice, so each match that is postponed is a day his shoulder can heal.  Today he has an away game if it does not rain. If his shoulder is wonky then he will serve underhand for most of the game.

If you would like to see what others are knitting and reading, head on over to Ginny's blog~Small Things.  You will surely be inspired to knit a different project or pick up a different book to read! 


  1. I love the green yarn! looks awesome!!!! seeing all the wonderful yarns and colors people use I have trouble deciding what is my favorite color these days :D

  2. The shawl looks great and I like the yarn you are using for your cowl. I have never knit nor worn a cowl. Guess I need to step into 2011!

  3. The name of that yarn-Mojito-is just perfect!! I love the blend of colors, can't handle the real thing though :).

  4. The colours are great! I will have to check out this pattern. I am a fool for a great cowl!

  5. HAve to check out that book, I love historical fiction ;)
    The cowl looks great!

  6. Your shawl came out so nicely! It's great to see it finished after watching your progress over these last few weeks.

  7. Lovely green! Cowls are fun--I've yet to make one but I have some yarn set aside for the purpose. :)

  8. very pretty yarn! love those colors.

  9. Great color for your cowl! I checked out your shawl, too, and it is beautiful! I'm definitely going to have to remember that pattern.

    Thanks for the encouraging comment about my cardigan. I'm glad to know that the join might get a little better.

  10. Love the name! I've been on a mojito kick around here, must be all that extra heat and humidity that have finally rolled in!


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