Buttercup Yellow

I am madly in love with this color.  It is a shame that the company gives numbers instead of names for the different colors so I decided to name it buttercup yellow, but gold is really what it is.  I am sure you noticed that this is NOT the pattern that I was thinking about.  I did about twenty to thirty rows of Bias (which I still love the look).  But I think I wanted some left slanting decreases to balance the right slanting decreases.  So after ripping out, I am doing a pattern of my own creation--I casted on 56 stitches, did six rows of garter stitch. The body of the scarf is three stitches on each end in garter stitch and the middle is *knit two together, yarn over, knit one, yarn over, slip slip knit* repeated.  I still get lots of lacy looking yarn overs and more balance with the decreased stitches.  I think I will try Bias some other time with a different yarn.

The flower which is Hummingbird Mix Nicotiana was a centerpiece at the band banquet on Tuesday night. Every senior parent was lucky to bring one home :)  Every band parent brings a dish to share. It was a fun evening of socializing and listening to some of the kids perform.  

Last night we went to the Academic Banquet that is hosted by the school board.  There is a dinner buffet with dessert.  This year I decided on Black Forest Cake and it was one of the best I have tasted!  Maybe I should make it sometime..


  1. The colour is so pretty, I love your name! :)

    OOh, black forest cake .... I want some!!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. You should contact the company and offer to be their yarn namer!
    My husband loves Black Forest Cake and I know I have not made it in years. I think I need to find a recipe.

  3. I get so frustrated by numbers instead of names too. Cascade does that and it drives me wild! I love what you're doing with that gorgeous yarn. Can't wait to see how your pattern comes out.

  4. That golden yarn looks almost good enough to eat...but, as yarn tends to be indigestible, I think I'll take some of that Black Forest Cake, instead. :)


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