Last week I was at our local yarn store shopping for a present for my sister-yes she knits!  So of course while shopping for her I saw something for me.  I really tried to stick to shopping for her present, but this skein called to me and I ended up buying it.  I just love the deep gold color.  It is 100% cotton and it will make a perfect summer scarf.  I have not done a search on Ravelry as of yet but I know this pattern is in my mind.  I have seen it made by a dear Ravelry friend Twoknitwit.  Isn't it lovely?  

I already have an unfinished sweater and an unfinished shawl which really need some attention.  Yet I am itching to start another project!  Such a sweet dilemma to be in :D


  1. I think you should start the scarf! That is a great looking pattern and in the yarn you have it will be perfect for summer.
    I started another market bag and my cardigan isn't finished yet. I am so tired of not seeing any progress that I had to start on another project.

  2. awww, aren't you sweet, dear friend ;)

    I may make another once I see how your solid color model turns out ~ I do wear mine ALL the time!!


  3. Oooh! It's Araucania, right? I bought some of their silk (I think it's discontinued) to make a cardi/shrug/thing for myself. I also bought some of their super bulky wool. Now I'll have to look for their cotton. (:

  4. Yes, the yarn is fabulous, love that shade of gold! And definitely a fun pattern choice.

    I say by all means start another project. I'm also the friend everyone wants to take shopping and every husband wants to ban.

    My mantra is do it, buy it, you need it! Now we can add make it, start it!

    Blessings, Debbie

  5. I saw this pattern and immediately thought of this one:

    It would be yummy with that yarn!

  6. I love that gold, such a nice warm, sunny color!


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