Two Shawls on the Horizon

I sure am glad I did not reveal what I started two days ago with this brown alpaca silky lace because it went into the frog pond.  I cannot really pinpoint why I was not thrilled with the scarf, but I just wasn't thrilled.  So this beautiful yarn will become a swallowtail shawl.  I do believe my favorite sister (and only sister) might be joining me for a little knit along!  I need to call her and confirm that.  I think it is a tragedy that I have not knit this very popular shawl and that needs to be remedied.

And speaking of favorite sisters, last Thanksgiving for either my birthday gift or for a Christmas gift, I cannot remember which one since I opened both, she gifted me this super lovely Madelintosh merio light skein.  I am happy to say that it will become another traveling woman shawl.  I have knitted this before and blogged about it here.  I thoroughly enjoyed this project and I ended up giving the shawl to my step mother for Christmas.  So I really need to make one that I keep.  Madelinetosh yarn is my absolute favorite yarn when it comes to superwash wool and the hand dying variations.    

I have also decided that I need to start knitting from all the magazines that I buy.  I love Ravelry and that is where most of my patterns seem to come from.  So while on Ravelry, I did a search through my knitting magazines and found some possible shawls to knit.  This weekend I think I will flip through them and maybe have a new project for the future.  I hope I can read my writing when the time comes, it can be a bit messy.

I think spring has truly sprung around here.  This is a picture of my backyard through the back window.  Once summer comes, I will not be able to see the green lawn past the trees.  I think my husband is going to open the pool in the next two weeks.  I am pretty sure it will be much too cold to swim in at first but it is nice to look at :)

My son took his AP calculus test yesterday and thinks he did fine.  He is planning to major in math (seriously considering a double major with physics).  Next week he will take the AP physics exam.  It is funny because he already took finals in both courses and so the rest of the school year will be projects.  I think I heard something about rocket launching!


  1. Wow..congrats to your son. My oldest son loves math and took several classes just for fun. He didn't get it from me...not my cup of tea at all!

    The yarns you knit with are just beautiful! I have two sister's, neither of which knit, so to
    have a knit along with your sister must be fun.

    I do hope you enjoy this beautiful spring day. We are a litte cooler here which is nice before back to the high 80's this weekend.

  2. Gorgeous yarn, gorgeous weather, gorgeous backyard, brilliant son, what else ya got? :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  3. may I knit Swallowtail with you when you start ;) ???

  4. I may knit a Swallowtail for my wedding ... if not then the Trousseau shawl that was published in the last Twist Collective. But maybe I can knit along too. :)

  5. My daughter just took her AP World Art History exam this week and said the actual test was easier than all the practice exams they've been running through. Up next week - AP World History. The two courses went together stupendously! lol!


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