On Saturday, daughter and I went to a local craft fair in town.  They block off the main street and vendors display their items for sale.  There are also lots of non profit groups with kiddie games and information.  Of course there are food vendors selling everything that is not healthy in a diet......but it sure does smell so good!  I forgot to take pictures while browsing the vendors.  I did managed to buy a jar of homemade jam and a bar of homemade soap.  The first three pictures were from the town.  Can you believe they had donkeys?   The last picture of the dogwood is from my front yard.  

This week our daughter moves back home from university and we will have both kids home until mid to late August.  My house will be so much more messy and disorganized.  However, August will be the very first time both kids are off to college and we will only have Frodo.  I feel like I have almost completed my job as a parent. Are we really ever completely done?  I am looking forward to quiet uncomplicated dinners and maybe weekend trips ..... probably visiting the kids!  Our daughter will only be 1 1/2 hours away and our son will be about 3 hours away.


  1. Your town is so beautiful and I so want a donkey of my very own. So sweet! I don't think we are ever done with the parent gig. I have three that have moved out, but they are always visiting!


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