This weekend contained:

-laughing with the four of us and the extended family.
-a four hour drive on Friday to visit all of our family near Pittsburgh.
-a yarn shopping trip with my sister :D
-lots of good good home cooked food!
-lots of talking with relatives I have not seen in years (a decade?).
-First Holy Communion of our goddaughter and I think it feels like yesterday she was baptised!
-getting a great gift while doing a yarn swap with my sister.
-eating lots of cake :D
-trying to remember to take pictures while having a good time.
-a picnic with NICE non raining weather (it came back~the rain that is).

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I love to get together with family I haven't seen in awhile. And eating cake....yum!

  2. Yes, a magic weekend. I too forget and sometimes like to leave the camera alone when I'm in the moment. Sometimes I regret it, sometimes not. Enjoy all that lovely yarn and sweet family memories. Love Katie x

  3. Family and food, my favourite things. It sounds like a great weekend. Thanks for coming to my blog!


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