Composing a Shawl

As promised I have some new photos of the Composition Shawl.  I am on the first chart doing a fourth repeat.  I am going to make it as big as possible without running out of yarn.  The best part about this pattern is how easy it is to remember the lace design.  I love just picking it up and doing however many stitches or rows and then putting it down.  Nice!  

I am still ignoring my mind that wants to start another sweater.  I have a few in mind but for now I am savoring the process of thinking and planning.  

Today is a rainy dreary day, we need the rain in our little vegetable garden so "yay"!.  Summer is here but it has felt like it has been here for quite a while.  My goal this summer is to knit as much as humanly possible, read many books (if I can stay awake) and just enjoy the season.  Summer is my least favorite season (I know I am not going to be popular when I say that!). While I could go on and on about the seasons that I love, I will stop and just be in the ~moment~. Everyone knows that you cannot have good watermelon and corn on the cob in Winter :D


  1. I detest summer! We are in the triple digits again today so all I want to do is stay inside. Outside it's just too hot to breath!
    I do adore your shawl. I have never done lace before, but after seeing yours I am thinking about it!

  2. I am with you on that one. Although I was born in August I don't like Summer either. I love the color of the yarn you use for the shawl. I knitted the Traveling Woman last year in a light green.

  3. Goals are so important. I think I'll borrow yours!!

    The shawl is turning out beautiful, as usual... Still loving the color.

    Blessings, Debbie

  4. Love looking at that gorgeous lace pattern you're working there. Fantastic job!

    I feel the same way about summer, but I will also think of the summer positives (homegrown goodies and farmer's markets!)

  5. i'm right there with you! fall? winter? i'll take them any old day. at least when it's cold you wear jeans and handknit socks, sweaters, scarves...summer you can be naked and still sweating your tookus off ;-)

  6. I really love that color. It's turing out wonderfully! If summer were a tad less humid here, I would be a much bigger fan of it. :)


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