Shawl and Scarf Progress

Progress on the Composition Shawl is minimal.  I think I will blame it on the visiting family over the weekend!  I am more than over half way on the first part of the the shawl pattern.  I have already knit this pattern before so I am enjoying the process and I know the lace pattern is where all the excitement is.

The Buttercup Yellow Scarf I have been picking up every now and then and doing a row here and there.  I love this yarn and I really like that this scarf is a pattern of my own creation.  I do not need the directions because they are in my head! (the perfect place right?)  

I am still itching to start another cardigan but it will have to wait at least a week or two.  If I start another project I know that these two projects will be in the basket neglected.  Now that would not be nice!


  1. I love them both. I picked my cardigan up the other day and realized I made the body too long...I put it back in the basket and walked


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