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~sigh~  I am still reading the Help.  I read at night and for some reason I am a slow reader and I frequently fall asleep while reading.  Maybe I should blame my slow reading on my busy life? Or maybe just tiredness? Anyways, this is a very excellent book.  I highly recommend it and I am hoping that my daughter reads it after me.  I am also flipping through the Spring and Summer issues of Interweave Knits and Vogue Knitting.  I think I like the yarn ads as much as the patterns :)

As for knitting, I am on the second sleeve (hip hip hooray!) of the Valley Cardigan.  The end is near and I can almost see the sweater now.  I also bought some pretty awesome buttons when visiting my sister in Pittsburgh.  Actually, she picked them out!  Can't wait to sew those buttons on and be done with this project.

On another monumental event.......I have packed my very LAST lunch box for my son.  This is the last week of school, and he graduates on Saturday.  He has never bought a lunch at the school......never ever!  Now he has been known to "trade" for some fries but I do not count that as a whole lunch.  I was teasing him saying that the last lunch will be packed with tears but I did not cry one little bit :D

What are you knitting and reading?  Need ideas?  Then check out Ginny's blog~ Small Things  for some inspiration.


  1. I have heard such great things about The Help. I'll have to add that to my list of reads.
    Great color on the sweater, and I am very impressed about the lunches. My daughter is in 1st grade and I have long missed out on making her a lunch every day.

  2. Wow, I am thoroughly impressed that you packed every single lunch!! Graduation is definitely something to celebrate!! Congrats!!! Your cardigan is looking lovely :).

  3. Everytime I take a book to bed I fall sleep!
    Congratulations to your son and to you on his upcoming graduation. I bawled like a baby at all of my childrens graduations. How dare they grow up on me!
    Goes without saying that I just love your knitting!

  4. the help is great - so glad you're enjoying it. and your cardigan looks great! and kudos to you packing all those lunches so your son didn't have to eat school food - you get the motherhood of the year prize!

  5. The cardigan is lovely! I love the color and the mix of patterns makes it absolutely beautiful. I've heard lots of good things about "the help", now I just need to get around to reading it.

  6. Congrats on that sleeve and the last packed lunch! I have many many more lunches to go.

    xo, Ang (Peach Coglo)

  7. Glad you are enjoying The Help. The sweater is coming along beautifully. Here in Australia it is the 'norm' to make kids lunches. Our daughter's school encourages fresh wholesome foods and prefers children don't have pre-packaged foods where possible. Although on a Friday the can order sushi or rice balls made by one of the mums at school. They are pretty lucky! Jacinta

  8. Reading in bed always sounds so appealing but it doesn't work too well for me...either I fall asleep or I stay awake TOO long.
    I was always so thankful for those packed lunches! Congrats to your son on his graduation!

  9. That cardigan looks lovely! I know what you mean about the reading...I seem to always be in the same boat as well. I remember a time when I could devour multiple books a day, but now reading is at a much slower and more intermittent pace, except for the kids' read alkyds, of course!

    Congratulations on your son's graduation!

  10. Your sweater is looking beautiful! What a milestone that you've packed your son's last lunch. I can imagine that's bittersweet.

  11. Hooray for the sweater and congratulations to your son!

  12. That sweater looks beautiful! And congratulations on the packed lunches... quite the gift to your son, if you ask me!

  13. That is a beautiful sweater!

    And congrats to the graduate (and no more packed lunches!).

  14. I just saw a trailor for the movie based on this book. It looks excellent. I have to read the book before I can see the movie though.. so I better get my hands on a copy.

    Good job with your sweater. Its going to be gorgeous!

    Come see my yarn along at karmama.ca


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