This weekend was filled with:

-discovering another turtle.....he keeps hanging around the front yard and is very shy (see his head?)
-dinner with friends
-corn on the cob and grilled chicken and watermelon
-hot sunny days at the poolside just talking
-more laundry than usual, I don't know why!
-starting more knitting projects
-visiting the yarn stash to start the above project
-slow mornings with coffee and quietness

Joining Amanda at Habit of Being


  1. I think your turtle is adorable! We get them here, but they just pass thru.
    So, what knitting project have you decided on? I have my sock just about finished and then I'm undecided.

  2. Love turtles! Can't wait to see what your new project is going to be.

  3. The turtle just appeared? Was it someone's pet? Wild turtles? Do tell! I love him! (Or her.)


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