This weekend was so very relaxing.  I am nearly done with shopping for our daughter's apartment and our son's dorm room.  I am glad that I started in June and have done a little bit every time we went out.  I guess I spread out the damages.  Now my guest bedroom looks like a little bomb went off with all the purchases. But come August that should not be a problem.

Sunday morning before church our Frodo escaped the compound.  Who would have thought that getting a tiny dog would result in a dog going under the fence????  Every time he escapes (this is the second time) we board up the escape route.  Yesterday's adventure only lasted 5-7 minutes but it felt like an hour.  I am a worrier by nature so I always think the worst.  The good news is he was about 20 yards outside the fence. The other good news is he shows us EXACTLY where the escape route is located.  I am pretty sure he is tracking the wild rabbits that come in and out of the fenced area.  I really don't think Frodo is capable of ever catching one but I love his positive attitude :)

Sunday was also spent on laundry and cleaning out one bedroom.  I finished a knitting project and planned some new ones mostly for gifts.  I am starting early on the gift making this year.  Last year I think I started in September.

It is still hot and humid and we only had drops of rain.  We need a downpour!!!

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  1. I am all for starting early on projects and then I still run out of time. Glad Frodo is home safe and sound. I use to hunt for my Twinkie when he went exploring,but now he's an old man and stays close. Have a great Monday and I hope we both get some rain!xx

  2. Glad to hear Frodo is back home safe and sound. We got lots of rain last night but it did not cool off much. Have a great week!

  3. Little dogs can be just as 'interesting' as big dogs for sure. Yours is an escape artist, mine is keeping me up wandering in the wee hours...

    Thanks for the list writing idea. I think that if I do that I'll at least feel some sense of accomplishment. But I probably won't do anything on the list for a day or two... ;)

    Blessings, Debbie

  4. The heat wave is mostly over here, but no rain. We need it badly! Sounds like a good weekend!

  5. I had such good intentions to get started on holiday gifts by now. But, so many other occasions pop up to distract me - a going away gift, a birthday, a complete inability to wait until after the holidays to make that awesome new thing for myself, etc. sigh. Wishing you cooler, rainy-er days!

  6. so glad you were able to get Frodo back so quickly! and yay for finishing knitting projects and plans for new ones :)

  7. Oh that Frodo! Glad he is home safe. Wolfie also would get out at my parents to track bunnies out of the yard. Silly doggies.

    I'm going to make my knit gift list this week. I have to actually have it physically written down because it's tangling my brain!

    Sounds like a really good, productive weekend :)

  8. I wish I could send some of our rain your way. Luckily we had rain a lot of the day today. Look at you getting your ducks in a row. I am glad Frodo made it back.


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