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I was hoping to have finished the Anne of Avonlea book yesterday but it just did not happen.  So today I will finish it and since I am in a Green Gable mood I will be starting Anne of the Island.  I just love how easy it is to pick up and read a chapter and get caught up in the story.  Love it!!  I think I own all of them except the last one. I have to check the bookshelves.  Anyways, I am loving the series and it is perfect summer reading.

I am making progress on my wren cardigan.  I am almost to the sleeve division!!  Then it is mindless stockinette knitting.  I also casted on a scarf for my father in law's birthday.  The yarn is some alpaca that I bought at a fiber festival.  This is the sweater I made and I am not quite sure how much yardage I have left over.  So I am just going to knit until the yarn runs out.  I hope I have enough to go around his neck!!  Here is the project page (no current photos.... yet)

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  1. You have me wanting to pull my copy of Anne of Green Gables from the shelf...it's been years since it's been read.
    I love easy knitting; it's very relaxing. Have fun.xx

  2. The Green Gables books always make me want to be creative. I love reading them curled up during a nice rain.

    Hope you have enough leftover yarn for the scarf!

  3. I was eyeing off my Anne book collection on the book shelf yesterday and pondering do I start reading them again after many years. I never seem to make my 'to read' list any shorter! Your knitting looks like it is coming along beautifully. Jacinta x

  4. You know I have made it through this life and not read Anne of Green Gables. I'll have to remedy that!

  5. Glad you're enjoy Anne all over again.

    Makes me want to do the same, but I'm with Jacinta. My to-read list is getting longer and longer! ;-)

  6. More delightful time with Anne! And more beautiful knits. Looking forward to seeing your little wren :-)

  7. Oh my all this Anne talk is making me so Island homesick...Funny that I grew up so close but haven't read the series...
    I love the look of your sweater - such fine wool!

  8. The sweater is looking great! I still haven't read the Anne series. Does seeing all the movies with Megan Follows count?

  9. the anne books are always great reading! have you ever watched the movies?

  10. Hooray for Anne! I love to immerse myself in her world.

  11. Oh just love Anne! I may have to revisit these books.

    Blessings, Elizabeth

  12. That's the trouble with Yarn Alongs - finding too many things to read and make :) I'm with everyone who wants to reread Anne.

  13. I'm loving the Anne talk too...maybe my #1 and I should read them together this year...

    Lovely knits. Thanks for stopping by the World of Wiedz.

  14. I'm feeling nostalgic for Green Gables now too :)
    I read them with my daughter a couple of years ago and we really enjoyed them.
    I was just looking at some of your knitting projects on your sidebar.
    So inspiring!!!

    suzy @ Scraps of Starlight

  15. I LOVE the Anne books! I read them all years ago and about a year ago, I started reading them again (and all of Lucy Maude Montgomery's other books that I so love). I didn't finish them all before my son was born and have a pile beside my bed, I think I will have to go back and finish them. Thank you for the inspiration!
    By the way, the knitting is lovely!


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