Catch a Wave

Catch a wave of awesome lace knitting!  This pattern on the Holden Shawlette reminds me of the feather and fan stitch that I love so much.  The pattern is wonderfully written and is quite easy to remember so you do not have to frantically read the chart every second.  I love that.

I am planning on knitting as much lace until I think I need to end the shawl before I run out of yarn.  I like shawl patterns that let me do that.  Then I do not have left overs that linger about not having a purpose in the knitting realm.

This project could very well be completed in a day or two.  But as you know, we will be taking our son to his campus on Friday and guess who is not packed????  Yup!  I focused so much on getting our daughter all organized that I slacked off on our son.

Yesterday started the frantic "to do" list and the "oh my" thoughts (I did not write the "oh my" thoughts down I kept them to myself).   Deep down I really think packing him up will be easier because....well he is a boy (they tend to have less stuff) and he does not have a kitchen. Just a dorm room.  Oh and on an interesting note we might be taking the Accord instead of the Explorer.  We are doing a dry run of the big things to see if it is possible to travel in AC.


  1. oh my...this is gorgeous! I love it.

  2. That is so pretty!
    I hope you get to ride in ac. I agree with you, boy's do not have all the items that girls need!
    PS- Come over any time for coffe and a chit door is always open. :) xx

  3. very pretty! i'm with you, knit that lace until the yarn runs out :)

  4. That shawl is lovely! I was surprised by how much I loved making the tiny knit garter for my sister, so I really want to do more lace knitting. I have a shawl in mind, but not sure when I'll get to it as it's for ME! And with the holiday push already beginning in my mind, I think it will have to wait. Happy packing & I'll be hoping everything fits in the Accord!

  5. Very lovely!

    Good luck with the packing. Keeping my fingers crossed you get to move in the a/c.

  6. Beautiful as always! Good luck with that AC!


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