Moss Road Scarf Revisited

It is official, I have finished one, count it-ONE-knitted gift!  I feel so very accomplished.  We will not go into how many more I would love to do for the year.  If I begin to think I have to make all of the gifts this year then I feel stressed.  So one project at a time.

This scarf was my own creation.  I casted on 36 stitches on size 7 needles.  I then knitted the double moss stitch until I ran out of yarn.  I am guessing I had about 400 yards of this beautiful alpaca sport weight yarn that I purchased at the Endless Mountain Fiber Festival two years ago.  Stash yarn knitting at its finest!

Double Moss Stitch:

Row 1 (rs):  K2, P2 across.
Row 2 and 4 (ws):  knit the knits and purl the purls in whatever order they appear.
Row 3: P2, K2 across.


  1. Fantastic! It looks so snuggly.

  2. Thank you so much for the pattern! Your scarf came out so lovely and I would love to knit one myself. xx

  3. Yeah! It always feels so uplifting to finish a project. Don't stress about the other to-do ones.

  4. Love the scarf! I think moss stitch looks so neat. :)

  5. The shot of it rolled 'jelly roll' style is brilliant. I get the whole 'squishiness' factor! Great stitch pattern, great color, with great wool...

    Blessings, Debbie

  6. Congratulations! Just yesterday I was scaling back my overly ambitious holiday knitted gift list. Not sure it's scaled back enough...but I'll keep trying. Your scarf is gorgeous! :-)

  7. Love the texture in your scarf. Amazing.

  8. That scarf is so beautiful-the texture is fantastic! Thank you for your generosity. This is a pattern I need to try! Just gorgeous-you go!

  9. Good for you! And a beautiful gift to boot!


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