A Cherished Treasure

This is my knitting box.  I just love how worn and old it looks.  It used to be my mother's, so it is another treasure I inherited.  She kept her knitting "stuff" inside.  I think my dad picked it up at an antique store but that is me purely guessing.  I know my mother did not shop in antique stores.

So as you can guess, I have no idea who Jack and Estelle were, but they were in love and that is what matters.  Also I am assuming one of them dabbled in the arts.  Too bad Jack and Estelle did not date the box then we would know how old it is.

Would it not be cool if Estelle kept her knitting supplies in it as well?  Well we can only dream of some idyllic scenario... I keep all of the needles and tools that I do not use often but do not want to get rid of or give away in this box.

I bet you already guessed that most of the needles and tools were owned by my mom.  Yep, pretty neat! I consider myself a lucky gal.  That is another reason I do not pare down my belongings.

It was so much fun sharing with all of you a peak at my knitting treasures.

On another cherished treasure, I received a lovely sweet surprise from Amanda at KarMama.  She is one talented lady and very generous because she sent me these lovely postcards.

  Blogging has introduced me to many treasures I could have never imagined!!


  1. That is truly wonderful! What an inheritance :) I wouldn't pare down either.

  2. Karen, what a wonderful gift you have from your mom. I know you must really treasure the box and knitting notions inside. xx

  3. What a beautiful box and most definitely a treasure from your Mom.

    I also have to agree, Amanda is quite the talented, thoughtful lady.

  4. I could just look and look at the wonderful treasures you seem to unearth for us... Always beautiful, always attached to a person or a memory. Beautiful.

    Blessings, Debbie

  5. That's a gorgeous box, and so lovely that it was your mom's and you still have her things inside.

  6. Karen - I have a wooden hinged heart shaped chocolate box that my great-grandfather gave to my great-grandmother

    I have it in storage right now but your treasured remembrance of your mom has me knowing that my box will soon be filled with knitting goodies

    can't wait to share it with you ~ thanks for the great idea!

  7. What a treasure you have! I love antiques because of the stories they have to tell...and the best ones are the ones whose stories you already know!

  8. that is so special, i love that you have it and cherish it so. did your mother teach how to knit karen? how lucky you are.
    thank you for sharing this, it is really fun to see and hear about.

  9. What a beautiful box! I love the craftiness of it all. Thank you for sharing it!

  10. wonder what the Sicilia means? On vacation? From there? Made it there? Too cool.

  11. Yes, too bad they didn't date it. What a lovely box - I can see why your mom and now you keep your knitting goodies stuffed inside.


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