It's in the Bag

This is my knitting bag. Don't you just love the grumpy upside down smile?  It is the Zuma bag made by Namaste.  Boy oh boy, can this bag hold a lot of stuff.  I can carry at least two projects and more "stuff". 

Here's a photo with all the projects in side.

This is with the sweaters out of the bag and you can see the rest of the yarn and supplies that are inside.  I usually print out my patterns from ravelry and fold them in half.  For awhile I was using my ipod but my eyes are failing me and I cannot see the charts....I have an appointment in September and I am sure that the optician will once again do wonders to by seeing ability.  A miracle!

This is the inside of the grumpy zipper.  It does hold a lot.  The little bags inside were made by dear sister and they contain stitch markers, stitch holders, stitch clips and needles.

How do you carry your knitting around?  Do you have a favorite bag?


  1. I love the fact that your bag is grumpy and has eyes! I'm jealous that you are so nicely organized.

    I used to throw a small project into my everyday bag/purse (Steve says it's a Mary Poppins bag because it's so deep), but now I have a nice gift bag to tote around. I should really have a dedicated bag that is big enough for sweater pieces.

  2. Thank you for letting me see in your knitting bag! I have been drooling over these bags, but didn't know how much they could really hold. Looks like they can hold a LOT! Right now I just throw my knitting in a cloth bag and stuff it in my purse [I carry a large Nine West tote]. I can see where this bag would make life a little easier. xx

  3. It does hold a lot! Right now, I'm using 2 softer bags - one I made and one I bought from here:

    BTW - your link for the bag takes you to a Ravelry project, not the bag.

  4. This looks so much more organized than mine. I love it! I have a simple tote (no pockets, nothin') that I just throw everything in. I tied a piece of yarn around the handle with little scissors and a stitch counter attached. It works but... Hmmm Christmas is coming...

    Blessings, Debbie

  5. Love your new header! That bag is amazing!! I think the one I use as a purse/project bag is too deep...I keep losing stuff in it and it drives me batty. This looks like a better choice, but I don't think I'll have the $$ for one anytime soon :-(.

  6. Ooooh, I love that bag! I have a LOT of handbags, but no official knitting bags, so it is dotted around my house in lots of project bags of varying sizes right now!

  7. I have a beautiful little purple and green Lantern Moon bag, but it doesn't hold anything much larger than a sock. :) I've been meaning to make myself a larger bag one of these days.

  8. So chock-full of yummy yarns! I love those little zippered pouches, too. I've made a couple and I love having those knitting notions handy!

  9. this is a great bag...and one of these days, i will learn to knit !!!


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