Purple Passion

I am thoroughly loving this project!  The yarn is so soft and springy~a dream to knit with.  I think I might just go back to my LYS and buy some more.  I also love how it is dyed.  The purple hues have depth and are subtle.(doesn't the word 'subtle' look weird today?)

The pattern is the Live Oak Shawlette.  I really like how the increasing is being done.  Instead of the traditional triangle it is a semi circular design with the increases evenly spaced.  Nice.  Now I have to chant what I am doing on the increasing row so I do not make a mistake.  But I am alone most of the time so who cares if I am chanting??  Maybe some meditation is going on...

The fun part is the chart which I will be starting today :)

The only sadness I am feeling is that I will be giving this gift to my Aunt for Christmas.  I so badly would love to keep it but I know she will love it more.  And it is a surprise :D


  1. Beautiful yarn :) I have to chant to myself when I need to keep track too... Luckily my boyfriend is now used to it (and I mostly do it when he's not around anyway)!

  2. charting and chanting- hey as long as it keeps you along the way with this beautiful project. That is one lucky aunt!

  3. oh i love this yarn. i need to go click on your link to see what it is, but i wanted to tell you how sweet you are to be making this as a gift, it truly is a knit full of love. i've never chanted before, what a good idea! happy knitting!

  4. arucania, oh my goodness, no wonder! i love this wool. it's what i used for the blue beret i made recently. gorgeous beautiful wool. your shawl is going to be fabulous.

    thank you for the link to the live oak. do you think the magazine is a good buy? i think you have to buy the mag for the pattern. it's a beautiful shawl so i may have to.

  5. your aunt will love this!!! that color is fabulous...so pretty and soft.

  6. The color is beautiful - love the variegated hues. Where do you find the time to do all these larger projects? You must be a very quick knitter.

  7. Oh I love that color! It's the perfect shade!

  8. That is beautiful! It will be sad to give away - but what a lucky aunt :)

  9. Karen, your aunt is very blessed to have you for a niece! The shawl is beyond beautiful! I love that you are chanting as you knit since I find knitting to be very relaxing anyway. xx

  10. I am loving that periwinkle color. Beautiful!

  11. how have I missed this pattern? It's lovely--and the color beautiful! You have one very lucky aunt!

  12. I've just checked out the shawlette pattern and it's so pretty Karen what a perfect gift.

    By the way thanks for popping over to my blog...good to meet you... :o)



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